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1、Ay Love

After discovering the tactics for landing dates in Asia, I had romances all across Asia and my dating life was… well, let’s say diverse.


And from my (very small) pool of dating research at this time, I found that the most satisfactory, fun, and long-lasting dates were with none other我国男朋友怎么?国外女朋友那样说... | 老外看我国-必威体育官网下载_betway体育app_必威体育注册 than Chinese men.


Now, after many hits and misses in the dating scene, I finally found my perfect match: Richard (and surprise! he’s Chinese!).


He is an amazing cook that can make the simpleMUD stuff taste divine (for example, his fried rice is killer!). Richard al简so makes aromatic and flavorful curries ala India and Thailand. He can even make mango sticky rice!


Richard,I love you,I will be your wife!


2、Edna Mon

Most Chinese men I have met tend to do a good job of managing their money well. In America, we often see young kids taking out student loans to buy a new sports car, or even young professionals maxing out their credit cards to go out f斗地主游戏or three digit meals in swanky restaurants, buy a brand bag, or perhaps a边不负 closet full of shoes.


This usually does超逸n’t happen in China (mostly because it can’t), and also because Chinese men tend not to spend needlessly. Of course, as a Chinese, my boyfriend is no exception!


My boyfriend is the Chinese Warren Buffet himself. He nearly received a third bachelor degree in business just because he loves to dabble in economics and personal finance. His parents, once low paid teaching assistants in China, managed to scrape up enough money to move around the world until they finally found their place in America. My boyfriend learned the value of a hard earned dollar thanks to his parent’s plight, and thus he also learned how to save it–and more importantly, invest it.


Thanks to my boyfriend, I’m investing in stocks and learning more about how to better manage my money.


Note: This excludes ‘fuerdai,’ the spoiled, rich, second-generation of Chinese kids.


Chinese Men Put Family First (double edged sword here…)


3、Love doughnuts

Yes,赖玉春 I agree with you that paying too much attention to family is really a double-edged sword!


Chinese men often marry whomever their parents approve of. The fairy tale romance of a Chinese man running off with the foreign woman and eloping in some far away land is a rare tale indeed. If the parent’s disapprove, it’s most likely not going to happen.


My boyfriend and I were once confronted with the problem that his parents did not seem to want him to marry a Japanese woman as his wife.


But now everything has been settled: with our efforts, his family finally chose to accept me, and this spring, I lost my boyfriend and got a husband!



I found a guy who laughs at my jokes, cooks, dances, and has a good job.


Yes, he is my Chinese boyfriend. I call him Mr. Huang. Whenever I get angry, he will solve any unhappiness between us with grace and wit.


However, his parents are contrary to "Mr. Huang" - they don't laugh, they are always so serious, but I can always feel their love for me and he son from the heart, which is probably the traditional expression of Chinese feelings!


5、Forest House

Most Chinese men are the cooks in the household. Period.我国武术散打功夫王争霸赛


My husband is no exception. From the day I married hi小优m, our kitchen was either "occupied" by him alone or "occupied" by both of us. Life is always full of sweetness. Perhaps the luckiest choice in my life is to marry him!



My boyfriend was born and raised in China and we also fought about values a lot. He was stunned I was so adverse to settling down, and was extremely adamant a我国男朋友怎么?国外女朋友那样说... | 老外看我国-必威体育官网下载_betway体育app_必威体育注册 bout me not drinking cold water and other chinese medicine habits.


Ha ha ha ha, I even eat ice-cream in my physiological period, which once made him look blue, he is so cute!


7、Love in Beijing

The relationship with Chinese husbands is very pleasant, but grandparents ar褚时健e the contradiction of the problem。


Com我国男朋友怎么?国外女朋友那样说... | 老外看我国-必威体育官网下载_betway体育app_必威体育注册 pared with the United States, China's grandparents will naturally assume the responsibility of taking care of their children and their lives, but it has to be said that this is a sweet burden.


Grandparents always think that mymc鬼鬼于航 son is hu任ngry, that my son is too thin and that my son is too cold.


Even though he had just finis六九式hed lunc主h ten minutes ago, even though he was overweight, even though it was only autumn now, and we even wore single clothes!


8、Clouds in Miami

My current boyfriend is a Chinese and my former boyfriend is a Japanese. I 我国男朋友怎么?国外女朋友那样说... | 老外看我国-必威体育官网下载_betway体育app_必威体育注册 find that Japanese men are very lazy. Chinese boyfriend is a workaholic , but it is differe一路上有你nt from Japanese boyfriend who will not always accompany. Chinese boyfriend, even if he is very tired, will not give all the housework to me国际水日, which is probably the reason why I love Chinese boyfriend more. He always does that. Tender!



My boyfriend is a Chengdu man. The greatest joy of my life now is that he takes me to the stree我国男朋友怎么?国外女朋友那样说... | 老外看我国-必威体育官网下载_betway体育app_必威体育注册 ts of Chengdu to find delicious food. Yes, I decided to marry a boy who onl我国男朋友怎么?国外女朋友那样说... | 老外看我国-必威体育官网下载_betway体育app_必威体育注册 y sees me, and a city with lots of delicious food forever!


10、Like white

Before I found my current boyfriend, I was almost disappointed with love! I am a Ukrainian. In my hometown, men always seem to be drinking or on the way to buy alcohol. They beat their wives and get drunk. But in China, men respect their women. They hardly make themselves drunk!


This is probably the main reason why China has created a miracle of development.


11、Spring on the Snow

Yes, I agree with you. In my opinion, it's difficult for a people who don't know how to respect women to develop. I'm Polish. In my hometown, women usually don't get much respect. I feel desperate because of this. So I chose to come to China, and I'm glad to be the fourth one in China. Years later, I became a Chinese daughter-in-law. My husband has a sense of responsibility. My parents-in-law and father-in-law are very kind to me. I am very satisfied with my present life.


不可否认,波兰女孩“Spring on the Snow”现在在我国的美好,在令人祝愿之余,关于其留言中这样一句话,老铁是深表附和的:




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